Wheaton Precious Metals Market

Wheaton Precious Metals Market

Easily protect its digital assets. Authoreum is a completely unregulated login process, which uses the security of ENS and Web2.0 style to enter the encrypted world. Authoreum view more or wyrewyre Wyre's main business focus is oWheaton Precious Metals Marketn cross-border payments, especially the market between China and the United States.

Dharma announced tiramisu, an open source point-to-point payment two-tier expansion solution. Tiramisu consists of a set of solid smart contracts and an attached node that tracks the status of all accounts in the system and enforces each state transition through a state machine to ensure that all updates are consistent. If invalid state transitions pass, tiramisu will continue to audit incoming blocks and automatically construct and submit fraud proofs to correct these errors. It is worth noting that tiramisu is one of the two-tier technology solutions of optimisticrollup, which is still under development. Therefore, the open source is the concept implementation.

But it is not locked or restricted (which may change later). Lianwen previously reported that on July 22, UMA launched a new token named yielddollar, which is similar to stable coin. However, the differences between UMA and stable coin include that the token has the characteristics of maturity date, value close to US $1 at maturity, and redeemable mortgage assets at maturity. At the same time, the token can provide fixed rate term loans in the field of lending. UMA said that yielddollar will have many possible forms, and the first yielddollar token yusd-sep20 has been launched and put into use.

Its founder and CEO Yang Tao, former vice president of Weblog technology, co-founder of Wanchai, is also the main designer of Wanchai. The project was co sponsored by team members and wanchain and superatom's founding investment partners. The team has been committed to creating the governance concept of Dao organizational form, and through the scientific governance system jointly constructed and improved by community members, community governance with goals, processes and results can be achieved. Finnexusfnx view more protocol (fnx) will be available on the main line on November 4, version 1.0 (fpov1.0) of its defi options platform. To use fpov1.0, users must first migrate tokens from fpowildnet to fpov1.0. Fpov1.0 will no longer have a single composite asset aggregate option pool (masp) with multiple collateral types, but will be converted into a single asset collateral pool, which is usdc and fnx respectively, aiming to reduce user risk, simplify the liquidity provision process and enable fnx. In addition, compared with fpowildnet, fpov1.0 has two changes: 1. More basic assets, such as link, MKR and SNx, have been added; 2. The sale of options to the fund pool is prohibited to reduce arbitrage. Chain news note: fpov1.0 adopts a single masp model, which concentrates all liquidity in a pool, and the issuance, trading and exercise of options depend on the flow pool, that is, the liquidity pool is the only trading partner of option buyers. Currently, the fpov 1.0 contract has not been audited.

Terraterra is a stable currency project founded by Korean entrepreneur Danial shin. Terra will establish a modern blockchain financial system and is establishing terraalliance global e-commerce partner group to promote the rapid adoption and use of its blockchain payment system. The team aims to address the main barriers to large-scale adoption of digital currency by creating a price stable cryptocurrency (stable currency), which can be easily used in terra blockchain payment solutions. Its co-founder Daniel shin is the founder and chairman of TMon, a leading e-commerce platform in South Korea.

Anyswap announced that it will be deployed to the coin security smart link (BSC) at 18:00 today. Anyswap will provide 5 million any tokens to stimulate liquidity and transactions on the BSC. Within 10 days of its launch, anyswap will allocate 10000 any to liquidity providers every day, and the liquidity reward of any / BNB is calculated by double weight. The top 100 users who provide liquidity for BSC version anyswap will receive 100any reward. Anyswap is a complete cross chain transaction protocol based on fusion DCRM technology, with automatic pricing and liquidity system. Anyswap supports token substitution on Wheaton Precious Metals Marketany blockchain based on ECDSA or eddsa algorithm, including BTC, ETH, usdt, XRP, LTC, FSN, etc.