International Precious Metals Review

International Precious Metals Review

However, Long Ling, a researcher at Industrial Futures, said thInternational Precious Metals Reviewat in the past one or two months, the correlation between gold and crude oil prices has dropped sharply, which means that gold and black gold are no longer closely related. Generally speaking, rising oil prices may bring inflationary pressures, causing assets to enter the inflation-resistant gold market, thereby pushing up the price of gold; at the same time, tensions in the political situation in oil-producing regions may also promote the prices of both. But in today's era when inflationary pressure is not great and the geopolitical situation is relatively easing, there is a certain disconnect between the two prices.

The capital market at this moment seems to be full of changes. Unlike each change, this time it is likely to be at the national level. In order to achieve their respective economic intentions and political will, choices and strategies will be uncovered and will no longer be mysterious and conspiracy. What methods will the United States use to curb the decline of the US dollar? How will Germany and France, which are eyeing control of the euro zone, unify the decentralized fiscal power of the euro zone through the debt issue; where is the way out for Japan's economy and politics? In the context of high inflation and high unemployment, how to transform the economy and how to withstand capital attacks in the global financial market. As an investor, thinking about these things can not only be used to grasp information in short-term operations, but also to perceive trends in medium and long-term investments.

Regarding platinum's beginning to be favored, the opinions of industry experts are relatively unanimous, that is, the price of gold is an important factor leading the price trend of precious metals. If the price of gold continues to rise, platinum will have more room for supplementary increase. Coupled with the increasing industrial demand for platinum, once the opportunity comes, it is not impossible for the price to double, so now is a better time to buy. Standard Chartered Bank said this month that due to the sharp increase in investor demand for platinum, platinum may surpass gold in the next few weeks.

At present, the debt ceiling framework agreement reached by the two parties in the United States is not the best expected by the market. Guo Zhongliang, an analyst at the Yihe Gold Research Center, does not believe that the US debt crisis has completely passed. Therefore, the market previously expected that the US Treasury debt ceiling would be raised by US$2.4 trillion at a time, so that there is basically no need to worry about US debt default. However, the final plan to increase the US debt ceiling is divided into three stages, and each time it needs to be approved by Congress. This means that there may be two default risks of similar US debt in the future, especially at the end of this year and before the general election next year. The sex is greater. From this perspective, investors can still bullish gold. Guo Zhongliang said. There are many factors that affect gold price fluctuations. Compared with U.S. debt, the issue of European debt still requires continued attention. Overall, we are optimistic about gold in the coming months. Gold analyst Yang Yijun said.

Adrian Day, Chairman of Adrian Day Asset Management, said: After the interest rate hike, the gold market may see a liberating rise, especially if it only rises by 25 basis points and is accompanied by a statement that it will gradually raise interest rates cautiously.

Stimulated by excess liquidity and demand for hedging, gold prices will continue to be supporInternational Precious Metals Reviewted. Everbright Securities pointed out. CICC's recent report also judged that in the medium term, the European debt crisis and emerging market inflation concerns may also regain market attention, so the rising trend of gold prices will continue.

Operational recommendations: From a technical graphic point of view, the MACD green column is shrinking, which is expected to form a golden cross, and the possibility of stopping falling and rebounding is increasing, and it is bullish in the short term. The resistance at the $1,300 round mark is relatively large. The arrival of the Golden Nine and Silver Ten will support the price of gold to a certain extent. Physical gold investors can buy in small quantities at around $1,280.

Last month, a friend from a futures company introduced that gold and silver trading opened a night market to keep pace with the international market, so I gave it a try. Mr. Lu from Yuexiu District said that last week, he transferred 3 million yuan from a commercial bank into the futures market and began to build a position to buy silver and gold; when the market rebounded, products with 9 times magnification function made a profit in two or three days. Nearly 100,000 yuan.

However, the "Enemy Country Trade Act" is still in effect, which is why some people worry that the US government may confiscate gold again. In fact, cases of confiscation of gold have not only occurred in the history of the United States. Australia and the United Kingdom have also had related bans that have now been abolished.

The German Federal Constitutional Court plans to rule on the feasibility of ESM on September 12. Only after the court approves, the German government can approve ESM, and the mechanism can contribute to the fight against crisis. However, the above-mentioned litigation request or postpone the German court's decision on ESM.

International spot gold last week (the week from August 12 to August 16) continued the rebound pattern of the previous week. As the most intuitive reference for predicting the direction of the Federal Reserve's (FED) monetary policy, most of the series of US economic data released this week showed a sluggish performance, which means that the FedInternational Precious Metals Review still has its shackles before it actually decides to tighten its monetary policy, and therefore gold has gained sustainability. The boost.