Precious metal price forecast

Precious metal price forecast

When you enter, everyone is happy and excited, and it may be very painful when you exit. The 2008 quantitative easing stimulus policy has not yet been fully digested. The scale and strength of the fiscal and financial stimulus measures that have been introduced by various countries under the epidemic is unprecedented in history. These policy measures may play some role in thPrecious metal price forecaste initial stage, but the marginal utility will gradually decrease over time.

Liang Yu, executive vice president of the Beijing Stock Exchange, stated that the Beijing Equity Exchange and the Bank of Beijing have established a future-oriented strategic partnership with gold investment as the core, aiming to leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the Beijing Stock Exchange to develop the gold market and the credit advantages of the Bank of Beijing. , In-depth expansion of gold investment channels.

At present, due to the global economic recession and the general decline in commodities, the inflation level of major global economies continues to decline. The latest CPI in June fell to 2.2%, the lowest since February 2010; the US CPI fell to 1.7% in May. The month-on-month decline was 0.3%, the lowest rate since December 2008. The Eurozone CPI fell by 0.1% month-on-month in May, and the year-on-year growth rate dropped from 2.6% in April to 2.4%.

In addition, the European Central Bank will release its November monthly report at 17:00 Beijing time. The report is generally released 7 days after the announcement of the European Central Bank's interest rate decision. The announcement is based on the factors considered when the interest rate decision was made at the last meeting. Through the monthly report, you can snoop on the latest judgments of the European Central Bank on the economy and inflation, and make predictions about the future trend of central bank interest rates. The European Central Bank stated in its monthly report last month that economic growth in the euro zone is expected to remain sluggish. The high degree of economic uncertainty is weighing on market confidence, but it also emphasized that inflation expectations are still firmly under control. And this month the European Central Bank chose to stand still in its interest rate decision. Investors can continue to pay attention to whether there will be new statements and explanations in this monthly report on economic conditions and new bond purchase plans.

Whoever masters the pricing power is equivalent to mastering the rules of the game. Deng Xiangrong, a professor at the Department of Economics of Nankai University, said that the party that cannot control the pricing power cannot protect its own interests in trade. In the past two years, the prices of rare and precious metals in the international market dominated by developed countries have fluctuated sharply. As a resource-consuming country, it appears to be very passive under this pattern.

WGC predicts that central banks of various countries will continue to buy gold as currency assets, and realize reserve diversification in an environment of exchange rate fluctuations. Woznico said that European cePrecious metal price forecastntral banks have been reducing the sale of gold, and central banks outside Europe are likely to become gold buyers this year. She also said that it is expected that gold investment demand will be strong this year.