International Precious Metal Silsbee TX

International Precious Metal Silsbee TX

In an interview with a reporter from the Securities Journal, WalterdeWet, head of the Commodity Trading Strategy Department of Standard Bank International Precious Metal Silsbee TXof South Africa, said that the precious metals market will still perform well in 2013 and the average price will be higher than in 2012, but the performance of industrial metals, especially base metals, will be difficult. Reached its high level in 2011 and 2012.

In 2008, Gold Group spent US$218 million to acquire 41.99% of the shares of Jinshan Mining, a Toronto-listed Canadian company held by the international mining giant Ivanhoe Mines, and became the latter's major shareholder, initially setting up an overseas platform for its going global strategy.

The North Korean side only wants to use the shelling incident to arouse the attention of the international community and enhance its right to speak in the future six-party talks. North Korea also knows that it is difficult for the United States to take advantage of the United States by launching a war. North Korea did not launch consecutive attacks afterwards, and South Korea’s response was more restrained. Therefore, the two sides will not develop into a war. The most likely thing is to wait for the UN Security Council’s sanctions resolution.

However, it is reported that the Libyan leader Gaddafi sent a representative on Sunday to hold talks with members of the Interim National Council of Libya (Interim National Council), hoping to arrange for him to leave the country conditionally, but the Interim National Council has not yet challenged Gaddafi. Formally respond to the request.

3. Economists under the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) predict in their latest forecast that the US economy may grow by only 1.7% this year, and the association’s forecast in May is 2.8%. Economists also predict that the US economy will expand by 2.3% in 2012, which is lower than the 3.2% expected in May.

It can be seen from the performance of the stock markets of various countries. On May 7, the Dow Jones Index in the United States closed above 15,000 points for the first time, the Nikkei 225 Index broke the 14,000 point mark for the first time since June 2008, and the DAX Index in Germany closed at 8181.78 points and also reached a new high. Regardless of whether the easing policy is effective or not, this is the onlInternational Precious Metal Silsbee TXy way for central banks of various countries. The implementation stage will give investors the expectation that the economy will improve. If it is effective, the stock markets and real economies of various countries will attract more funds. Will be left out.

In terms of geopolitics, the situation in Syria is once again tense. The US Department of Defense has deployed an amphibious assault ship Bataan and 1,000 navy off the coast of Libya in preparation for the evacuation of the embassy in Libya. Earlier, the US State Department has issued a statement saying that it hopes that US citizens in Libya will leave the country quickly.