Environmental Handbook International Precious Metal Industry Focus

Environmental Handbook International Precious Metal Industry Focus

OANDA chief strategist Dean Popplewell said that the euro, which plunged more than 3% against the US dollar two weeks ago, may have bottomed out for the time being, especially ifEnvironmental Handbook International Precious Metal Industry Focus Greece passed the IMF's assessment this week and received 12 billion euros in the next IMF/EU emergency loan . Allanvon Mehren, chief analyst at Danske Bank, said he expects the IMF to provide 12 billion euros in funding next month as scheduled. He added: If not, it is not only the failure of Greece, but also the failure of the IMF.

Any commodity has valuation constraints, except for gold. The latest report of Minsheng Securities pointed out that real estate is mainly subject to purchasing power, copper and oil and other commodities are mainly subject to industrial demand, stocks are mainly subject to intrinsic value, bonds are mainly subject to interest rates, but gold does not have any valuation constraints. Therefore, coupled with the fundamentals of limited supply and strong industrial demand, the reserve adjustments of global central banks will further increase the demand for gold. The bull market for gold has just begun, and the upside is unconstrained. Minsheng Securities believes.

The author later learned from the city’s Chow Tai Fook and Lao Fengxiang Hefei branches that the price of Thousand Pure Gold is around 268 yuan/gram, while the price of Pt950 platinum is around 350 yuan/gram. The price of platinum is still much more expensive than gold. But then I learned from several pawn shops in Hefei that the purchase price of gold is generally around 160 yuan/g, while the purchase price of platinum is only 140 yuan/g.

It was because I believed in the brand of Yantai Bank that I dared to invest in the Shandong standard gold platform. As a result, I lost 250,000 yuan, and Yantai Bank should also bear the responsibility. Said Mr. Zhang, an investor in Liaoning. And on the Shandong Biaojin website, it issued a very good news in January, claiming that Yantai Bank has successfully completed the overall acquisition of Shandong Biaojin Investment Co., Ltd. The investor is Yantai Bank Jintong Asset Management Co., Ltd., and the relevant equity transfer procedures have been completed. .

The results of this year's national registered gold investment analyst exam have been announced in Guangzhou. This time, a total of 508 people across the country successfully passed the exam to obtain the certificate. So far, the number of gold analysts holding certificates in the country has reached more than 3,000, and this number is still a drop in the bucket when compared with more than 100,000 gold practitioners.

This week, the international spot gold price opened at US$1743.7, the highest test was US$1836.8, and the lowest was US$1,728. As of Friday’s noon, it closed at US$1833.1, a sharp increase of US$86.65 from the previous trading week, an increase of 4.96%. The long-yang line that has rebounded for five consecutive years and hit a new record high; the performance of silver continues to be inferior to that of gold and has not broken the previous week’s high. As of Friday’s midday, it has risen by US$1.55, or 3.97%, and the weekly K line has shown a recent rebound. The high and strong oscillating Zhongyang line; as of Friday afternoon, the US dollar fell slightly by 27 points, or 0.36%, aEnvironmental Handbook International Precious Metal Industry Focusnd the weekly K line showed a small Yinxian that first declined and then rose. Despite the negative effects, the next action is insufficient; as of Friday midday, NYMEX International Crude oil prices fell by US$4.4 to US$80.9, a decrease of 5.16%. The weekly K-line, which continued to fall after the pause last week, fell by nearly 30% from the highest price in May. Commodity metals operate similarly to global stock markets and oil prices, and fell sharply across the board on Thursday. Overall, this week gold once again demonstrated a unique show.

Wenhua Finance (Comprehensive Compilation Building Yiting)-According to Dow Jones, New York, November 23, NYMEX crude oil futures fell on Wednesday. Traders ignored the data on the sharp decline in US crude oil inventories and focused on a series of negative macroeconomics that caused oil demand concerns. news. NYMEX floor trading is closed on Thursday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.